Certificate Request

Terms & Definitions

Evidence of Insurance Only

Provides evidence of the insurance coverage you currently have in force for you and your business only. In the event a third party needs to be added, please see Additional Insured.

Loss Payee

If your Vehicle or Property is financed, the financial institution may request that it be added as a Loss Payee on your Certificate of Insurance and Policy. In this case, if the Certificate Holder is requesting to be added as Loss Payee, its interest in your Vehicle or Property will be included in the payment of the claim. 


If there is an entity which holds a mortgage on your Business Property, it will need to be included on your insurance policy as a Mortgagee. While the mortgage is still outstanding, if an accident should take place, the Mortgagee will have the right to be compensated for the damages by a claim through your Property Policy on the mortgaged property.

Additional Insured

As part of your business dealings you may be asked to provide coverage for a customer by adding the customer to your policy as an Additional Insured. This extends your coverage to the third party requestor. An example of this would be a Municipal Entity or General Contractor. If this box is checked, your policy will need to be endorsed to add this entity to your policy as an Additional Insured. Please be advised that there may be additional premium required for this change.