Every employer should provide employees with information about where they can receive flu vaccines. Various communities offer these in different locations, and some vaccine locations may offer discounts for families or low-income individuals. Employers should gather local information to present to their workers. Taking this step could help reduce absences when a flu epidemic hits. Some pharmacies offer partnerships for businesses, which means they are able to offer their employees affordable vaccines in those pharmacies' facilities.

In order to reduce absences during flu season, some employers choose to offer on-site flu vaccinations in the workplace for free or for a reduced fee. If employers have existing on-site health clinics, this is an easy step to take. However, it is still feasible for employers who do not have such facilities to create a temporary clinic. Many pharmacies can be hired to provide on-site vaccination events.

If employers choose to offer on-site flu vaccination clinics, it is important to take the following steps.

- Get a senior manager to agree to a buy-in option in support of the clinic.
- Stress that employee vaccinations are a business priority, and make a supporting goal.
- Elect a vaccination coordinator with specific roles.
- Determine whether outside contracting is necessary.
- Seek employees' input.
- Schedule the vaccination clinic for time frames with maximum employee participation.
- Determine need versus demand for vaccinations among employees.
- If applicable, provide vaccinations in as many business branches as possible.
- Make sure managers know that employees are permitted to attend vaccination events.
- Consider the benefits of offering vaccinations to the families of employees.
- Make sure employees know how important their participation is in the event.
- Use incentives such as reduced fees or refreshments to heighten participation.
- Use posters, articles, flyers and other forms of communication to promote the event.
- Make the vaccination clinic location a comfortable place by keeping privacy a priority.
- Encourage managers and supervisors to set examples by being vaccinated first.

If employers choose to offer vaccines at a local pharmacy or health clinic instead, they should take the following steps:

- Ensure HR policies have the flexibility to allow employees ample time to get a shot.
- Ask the chosen health clinic or pharmacy to host a mass flu clinic for employees.
- Use flyers, newsletters or other forms of communication to advertise the event.
- Make sure posters are in high-traffic areas in the workplace.
- Encourage employees to have members of their families vaccinated.