Many of us know what it is like to move into your first apartment and take in any furniture and décor that someone is kind enough to donate to us.  This being said, you may end up with a couch that has one arm falling off, a smelly recliner, and a ratty old futon.  These probably have no worth to you, but if something happened to them, could you afford to replace them?  What about those shoes that cost you your whole first paycheck at your new job? Or all the food in your fridge?  If you are renting a property without renters insurance, you would have to replace all of these things out of pocket if they were lost due to a water damage, fire, or other tragedy that may come your way.  Easy fix! Get renters insurance! The average renter’s policy has a VERY low monthly payment, and can cover all the items I already addressed, and then some! 

Now think about it, if your property is damaged by water, fire, etc. the property you are renting may not be livable! Can you afford a hotel while you wait for the property to be rehabbed?! Even if you could, it is not an expense you were expecting I’m sure!  Renters insurance covers this under loss of use!

What about parties?! Birthday parties, Holiday parties, parties just because!  What if someone gets hurt at your party?! What if someone’s property is ruined at your party?! Renters insurance could cover their medical expenses and replace the ruined item(s)!

Go through your belongings and add up what it would cost to replace everything.  Are you able to replace everything if it was damaged? What about the thought of someone accidentally becoming injured on your property – you would be held liable-could you afford the expense of medical payments or a possible law suit? The cost of Renter’s Insurance is nothing compared to the possibility of even one of these events occurring.