It is officially winter!  Based on the weather conditions that we have already had, it looks like we are going to get some snow this year.  Since we aren’t bears & can’t hibernate for a couple of months we will more than likely be traveling around in cold icy conditions?   It’s time to think about preparing your car for the winter.  Or in my case, reading this blog to my husband so he can prepare our cars for the winter!

1. Check your battery – Time to give the battery some TLC.  The cold weather doesn’t just make you feel like not getting started! Battery capacity is reduced in colder weather.  Check out the cables and make sure there isn’t any cracks or breaks.  
2. Change wiper blades & refill your wiper fluid – I can fully relate to this one!  I got stuck in last week’s snow storm with bad front windshield wiper blades.  It made a bad situation so much worse.  I really couldn’t see a thing.  Also, get a washer fluid with an antifreeze solution.
3. Snow tires? – Having the right tires on your car can make a huge difference.  I don’t want to spend your money for you but many car manufactures recommend having   4 snow tires on your car during the winter months.  If you don’t see winter tires in your budget then all-season tires are a good option.  
4. Check tire pressure – Cold weather plays a large part in your tire pressure.  Very cold weather can cause tires to be underinflated.  Your owner’s manual will indicate your recommended cold tire inflation PSI.
5. Check 4 wheel drive – A functioning 4WD can greatly improve tire traction when driving on snow & ice.  Be sure to read your owner’s manual for the best environment to use your 4WD, as cars do vary.
6. Check your anti-freeze – Make sure that your engine’s cooling system is filled with a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water to prevent freezing and boiling over.  
7. Change the oil & adjust the viscosity – If you live where the temperatures drop to below freezing you’re going to want to change not only your oil this season but also change to thinner – less viscous – oil.  
8. Emergency Kit -   Everyone should carry a winter survival kit in your car!  Hopefully you will never have to use it, but it could be the difference between life & death.  
Windshield scraper
Bag of cat litter
Chemical hand warmers

I’ve included the basics for winterizing your car.  However, different cars require different items than might need your attention.  Be sure to check out the owner’s manual.  Drive safe this winter!