You have just returned from a wonderful weekend get away to visit family & friends during this holiday season.  Now you have lots of laundry & chores to catch up on. However, to your surprise your mud room is filled with water.  

There is not much worse than coming home to an inch of standing water in front of your washing machine!  I feel so bad when clients call in with this claim.  As a homeowner, I didn’t realize that you need to replace your washing machine hose every 3 to 4 years.  It wasn’t until I started a career in the insurance industry that I became aware of this important maintenance issue.  Washing machine hose problems are the #1 cause of home insurance claims.  The good news is that they are highly preventable. 

Think about how often you stand in front of your washing machine and never even consider the hose.   If you read the label on the machine it advises you to turn off the water supply when the machine is not in use.  Really?  How likely are people really going to remember to turn off the water supply after every use!     

I advise clients to change the hose every leap year; or, invest in a stainless steel washer hose to avoid the deterioration of the rubber hoses.  I purchased my hose for less than $20 at the local hardware store.  On average the typical cost of a failed hose costs $5,308 per incident after the deductible was paid ( Less than $20 to avoid having to paid my $1000 deductible seems like a good deal to me).  The most expensive claim I have seen was for $10,000 because the leak occurred while the owner of the home was on a two week vacation.  So make sure to check your hoses before going away & turning off the water supply while gone.  

If the worst should happen call your insurance agent ASAP.  In most cases they can recommend a company to help remove the standing water.