The Chesapeake Bay and boating have a rich history with Maryland residents.  Is there anything better than enjoying a warm July day out on the water with friends & family?   You have remembered to fill up the tank on the boat, packed a picnic and grabbed sun block, but what about boat insurance?  Don’t leave the dock without making sure you’re properly insured.  While boating is an incredibly relaxing activity it does not come without risk.      

Some think that they don’t need boat insurance, because they only take their boat out a couple of times a year. But it only takes one bad incident to demolish your savings or future income.  Accidents happen to even the most experienced boaters.

If you own a boat, you need boat insurance!  Not only do you need protection against damage to your vessel but also for medical treatment, damage to others and their property and liabilities to passengers.   Also you need coverage against theft.   Boat insurance will not help with the costs of maintenance for the vessel.

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