Summer is almost upon us!  Many of us will be packing up our cars & throwing the kids in the back seat as we head off to beautiful vacation destinations.  Before you leave make sure that your ID card is in your glove box. Besides making sure you have your ID card, you should take a closer look at the insurance carrier you have chosen to protect you, your family & your vehicle.  If the carrier listed on that card is Erie then, you can be assured that you are with auto insurance experts.  Erie makes sure you have the auto insurance protection that fits your needs.  

Erie insurance was founded in 1925.  At that time they only offered auto insurance.  Now they offer a great deal more in regards to insurance. They offer home, business and life insurance.  But auto insurance is still the foundation of the company.  They have a real passion when it comes to cars, just like most Americans!  As a country, we love our vehicles.  There are more than 250 million automobiles in the US.  Most owners spend a lot of money, time & energy on their cars.

Erie has 88 years of experience and knowledge regarding  personal auto insurance and business auto policies. We want to make sure that you understand the laws in your state, and have a policy that best fits your needs.   We believe that these strong ties to auto insurance make Erie a great choice for auto insurance.  Call us at 410-877-0017 or Email us at to have us put together an auto policy that best fits your needs.  We are your local Harford County Erie provider.

We want the only thing you have to worry about on a road trip to be whether you remembered your tooth brush. Enjoy summer vacation!