I’m so happy to see the shop local movement in our area.  I was grocery shopping the other day and the cashiers where wearing “shop local” t-shirts.  Most of the produce in the store was from local farmers.  While I must admit that I sometimes shop at the “big box stores”.  I try my hardest to shop at the local main street shops.  This also applies to insurance too!  Do you shop local for your auto, home and life insurance?  

Seriously, who would you rather do business with: a company headquartered thousands of miles away, or one with an office around the corner.  We are not just a voice over the phone.  You can visit us!  We shop where you shop, we eat where you eat, we travel the same roads, and we probably know where your neighborhood is located.   We love working with other local companies.  Not only is it good for our economy, it also makes good business sense.  Local companies helping local people better understand the challenges we face here in Harford Co., means better customer service for you.  Let a local agency quote your auto, home and life insurance for you.

Here at American Insurance we try to use other local businesses whenever we can.  We can recommend local body shops, towing companies and roofers when you might need a suggestion.  We have a strong belief in the Harford Co. community.  I don't think the green lizard cares about our community.

Honestly, we have the best clients here at American Insurance!  If you have enjoyed the customer service we have provided you please tell your friends & family.  If you have a second, post a review on our Google Places page  and spend the “shop local for insurance” movement.  Don't forget about our referral program!  Click here to learn more http://www.aioinc.us/referral-program