This question is hitting very close to home right now.

Recently a neighbor passed away, leaving behind a wife & two teenage children.  My first thought was,  "Thank goodness he had life insurance".  I knew he had life insurance because he was in the insurance industry.  About a week ago I was speaking with his widow & she mentioned that while he had a life insurance policy it wasn't enough.  Which is truly heart breaking since her husband was only 49 years old.  It is like the issue of the shoe maker's children not having any shoes or a doctor's children always being sick.  He had been meaning to increase his life insurance but became busy with other things.  This prompted me to sit down and review my own life insurance policies.  My family had changed a great deal since I purchased the policy - there are two more members.

If you have people depending on you then without a doubt you NEED LIFE INSURANCE! But how much?

 A quick math response would be 7 to 10 times your salary - that would be a good starting point.  But this quick math could miss some crucial nuances.  For example do you have a lot of debt?  Are your children very young?  Would your spouse need more than 10 years of your salary?  Stay-at-home parents still need to carry life insurance because their spouse would have child care expenses.  Do you have other assets on which to draw?  These are some of the factors you need to consider when making the decision on how much coverage you need.  Remember, the purpose of life insurance is to replace your income in case you die.  The primary objective is that your dependents maintain their current lifestyle.

Don't let yourself become busy with other things!

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