Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, and families of those affected by the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  We at American Insurance are deeply saddened by the devastating news.  The images are unbelievable!   It has been reported by Jerry Lojka of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management that about 2,400 homes were damaged in Moore & Oklahoma City.  Resulting in some 10,000 people being directly affected by the tornado.  Kelly Collins of the Oklahoma Insurance commission believes the insurance claims will probably top $1 billion.  

Damage caused by a tornado hits very close to home.  As our office was hit by a tornado in June of 2012.  We were lucky that almost everyone had left for the evening so not as many people where in the building when the tornado touched down.  The building doesn't have a basement.  All the windows on one side of the building were blown out.  Dana was in her office when it happened!  We were blessed that no one was injured.  It was a very scary situation.