Why should you purchase an "umbrella"  Personal Catastrophe Liability Policy??

What is it? 

It is an additional policy that provides an extra layer of liability protection. This policy can provide an additional $1 million (or more) coverage for insureds and their immediate (live in household) family members against lawsuits resulting from personal injuries or property damage claims. 

Who needs it?

Everyone is at risk of facing a catastrophic lawsuit, regardless of age, net worth, or income. 

- Today's society is fueled by a growing trend to seek "fair" compensation and a somewhat unrestricted legal system, has created an atmosphere where there is a greater potential for high liability judgement awards. These high awards can be devastating to a family that doesn't have adequate liability protection.

- most people don't think that it will happen , but a catastrophic lawsuit can wipe out a family's  current finances and future income . 

Two real life examples of lawsuits :

A jury awarded $1.4 million to the estate of a 43-year-old father killed in an auto accident. The award was partially based on the father's future earning potential. 

While helping a buddy paint his home, a man fell and broke his heel. Although the homeowner was only partially responsible, the fall cost him $ 1.2 million 

 Policyholder benefits of having an "Umbrella" policy 

- Provides extra protection if someone is hurt on the policyholders property.

- Provides a higher level of coverage if a covered driver causes an accident and is liable for injury to others or property damage.

- Protects their financial interests at an affordable price.

- Provides protection for the actions of covered family members over and above their auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat Insurance,  RV insurance, and motorcycle insurance policies.