Homeowners -  When getting  any work done or around your house , always get a Certificate of Insurance from the Contractor . 

There are two types of insurance that it is important to verify that your contractor has before they perform any work on your property . 

- Workers Compensation Insurance . If the contractor or your contractor's employee is injured while working on the job at your property is will provide the proper coverage . 

- General Liability Insurance . If the contractor's error or accident causes damage to your neighbor's property  or your property this coverage will cover the damage . 

If the contractor does not have the proper insurance coverage , YOU may be financially responsible if something such as an accident or an injury occurs during the course of the contractors work .

So , always ask for and receive a valid Certificate of Insurance before signing any contract with any contractor . As an extra precaution , insist that the contractor have his insurance agent fax or email you a copy of the Insurance Certificate directly to you . 

A reputable contractor will be happy to verify proper insurance coverage . After all , they have to compete on price with  disreputable contractors who operate without the expense of proper insurance coverage . 

 Also , If you are not  100% sure , after getting a Certificate of Insurance from your contractor , if the contractor has the proper coverage , you should consult your Homeowners insurance agent for guidance . 

It  is human nature to want to trust the contractor and most of the time you can . However , the best policy will be to " trust but verify " .